Ten pin or boule?

Ten pin or boule?
Swim or gym?
Wash the car or weed the garden?
Yard sales or farmers’ markets?
Worms or lures?
Top up or top down?
Sand in your toes or popcorn in your teeth
Delayed at the airport or stuck in traffic?
The drive-in or the ball park?
Linen or seersucker?


Balloon animal or face painting?

Balloon animal or face painting?
Theme park or state fair?
Tattoo parlor or spa?
Staycation or summer school?
Wii or little league?
Italian sub or turkey club?
Dog days of August or Indian summer?
France or Italy?
Wholesale Club or Superstore?
Shakespeare in the park or fireworks on the beach?


T-shirt or Hawaiian shirt?

T-shirt or Hawaiian shirt?
Golf shoes or bowling shoes?
Ferris wheel or roller coaster?
Fan or air conditioner?
Ice cream in winter or soup in summer?
Snorkeling or scuba diving?
Club Med or Hedonism?
Peanuts or Crackerjacks?

Hotel or summer rental?
Beach Boys or Jimmy Buffett?


Clam Bake or Barbecue?

Clambake or barbecue?
Jacuzzi or swimming hole?
Umbrella or sunblock?
Picnic in the park or brunch at the Ritz?
Yacht or powerboat?
Bridge or ferry?
RV or campground?
Nine innings or nine holes?
Mountains or beaches?
Pony ride or carousel?


Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien

Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien
Steve McQueen or Brad Pitt
Coldplay or Radiohead
Father Coughlin or Rush Limbaugh
Jackson Five or Jonas Brothers
Cash or credit
Workouts or Sessions
Hennna or Tattoos
Baby Boomer or Generation X
Sterling or Euro


William Shakespeare or Christopher Marlowe?

William Shakespeare or Christopher Marlowe?
Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?
Alice Waters or Alice in Wonderland?
Hunter S. Thompson or William S. Burroughs?
Benjamin Franklin or George Washington?
Marilyn Manson or Marilyn Monroe?
Christopher Walken or Robert De Niro?
Harry Potter or Bilbo Baggins?
Count Chocula or Cap'n Crunch?
Guns 'n Roses or Metallica?


Sloth or Koala?

Sloth or koala?
Artichoke or asparagus?
Ventriloquist or voice-over?
Smell or stink?
Balloon or parachute?
Spin the bottle or truth or dare?
Your soul mate or your everything?
Storm-chaser or weatherman?
Disco-ball or ball and chain?
The Little Prince or the Little Mermaid?


Leprachaun or Gnome of Zurich?

Leprechaun or Gnome of Zurich?
Chieftains or Michael Flatley?
Four-Leaf Clover or Rabbit’s Foot?
Tipperary or Timbuktu?
Irish Stew or Corned Beef?
Murphy’s Law or Luck of the Irish?
James Joyce or George Bernard Shaw?
Guinness or Irish Coffee?
Kiss the Blarney Stone or Get Elected?
Danny Boy or Galway Bay?

[Image: Leprechaun. courtesy of The Leprechaun Companion]


Sausage McMuffin or muesli with raspberries?

Sausage McMuffin or muesli with raspberries?
Penny or quarter?
Wine in a box or water in a bottle?
Sale or coupons?
Bail or tuition?
Taxi cab or limousine?
More or less?
Self-help or self reliance?
Live or let live?
The Prince or the Pauper?

Oscars or Golden Globes?

Oscars or Golden Globes?
Box office or critics?
Theatrical release or director’s cut?
Billy Crystal or one of the others?
Chick flicks or slasher movies?
Movieplex or Netflix?
Hollywood or Bollywood?
Read the book or see the movie?
Sundance or Slamdance?
Casablanca or Citizen Kane?

Image: Wikipedia/Screenrant


Twitter or Facebook?

Twitter or Facebook?
Meeting in the park or meeting online?
Geek or jock?
Kindle or Sony?
Second Life or Get a Life?
Pinball or video game?
Pen and ink or point and click?
Google or Yahoo?
Free laptop or free mosquito net?


Roses or Chocolates for Valentine?

Roses or chocolates?
She loves me or she loves me not?
Walden Pond or Golden Pond?
Love or lust?
Sugar or honey?
Backpack or evening bag?
Kittens or puppies?
The Joy of Sex or The Joy of Cooking?
Soft or fuzzy?

Channel No.5 or Love Potion No.9?


Aspen or Waikiki?

Aspen or Waikiki?
Penguin or polar bear?
Downhill or cross-country?
Snow mobile or jet ski?
Fondue or pizza?
Yellow or red?
Why or why not?
Eight legs or two wings?
Red nail polish or French manicure?
Spin the bottle or truth or dare?


Haggis or Oysters?

Haggis or Oysters on New Year’s Eve?
Resolution or reality?
Times Square Party or Early to Bed?
Rose Bowl or Super Bowl?
First Night or Last Chance?
Old or New?
Hangover or Health Club?
Makeover or make do?
Snow gear or cruise wear?
Father Time or Baby New Year?


It's a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street?

It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street?
Santa’s Elves or Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs
Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve?
Real Christmas tree or fake Christmas tree?
Eggnog or champagne?
Nutcracker or Handel’s Messiah?
Mistletoe or holly?
Lump of coal or fruitcake?
Give a gift or receive a gift?
Jingle Bells or Feliz Navidad?